Revolt Tony Smotherman Tube Overdrive Signature Pedal

Revolt Tony Smotherman Tube Overdrive Signature Pedal check them out at http://www.revoltamps.com/pedals.html

I'm honored to announce that through extensive tone testing and painstaking commitment Revolt Amplifiers and I have teamed up to create a mind blowing tube driven overdrive pedal that's sure to rival any overdrive pedal ever produced. It all began with an idea from Revolt Amplifier Owner and President Anthony's dream of creating the ultimate overdrive pedal and and his search for an artist who had a vision to help shape it. After months of trial and error. I'm pleased to to say, we got it right! The 12AX7 tube adds so much warmth to the vintage channel, and the modern channel just Screams!!! Totally shape-able and unbelievably versatile, the TS OD pedal by Revolt is something I'm proud to put my name on!

Tony Smotherman Tube Overdrive Pedal


Godlyke Pedals

Tony is now Endorsing Godlyke Pedals check them out at www.godlyke.com.

TS Says: The D&S is unreal!! Special Thanks to Kevin for all his support! Go check them out!!!

Paloma Stone Slides

Stone Slides

"Tony is Now using "Paloma Stone Slides"

TS Says: this is THE BEST slide I've ever played with. I used to use a glass slide but the second i tried this out everything changed, I'm addicted to it's smoothe tone"

Special Thanks to Jay at Stone Slides for going the extra mile for TS and creating a custom slide!


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