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"Guitar Virtuoso George Bellas reviews tracks from "The Light Within"

Thanks for sending me those 3 new songs of yours, I really enjoyed
listening to them. They all really display a nice variety and showcase
your musical versatility.

Lost in Time - I like the odd meter progressive vibe of this one, and
nice melody on top. This song also displays a nice contrast of dark and
light sections and cool guitar and synth solo trade-offs. The melodic
octaves after the solos is beautiful, and also the cool progressions
after which incorporate some unexpected harmonic changes. The two
string sweeping technique is good to hear!

Space Anthem - FUNK CITY! Nice drum tone and cool bass line. Some
really funky stuff going on this song. All the ghost notes in the drum
lines and other fills sound really good. The main melody played by the
guitar and synth is really lyrical and quite memorable. You still seem
to find a way to sneak in some ripping guitar parts too. Very fitting
solo in the middle, the modulations keep it interesting as well. This
song should make a lot of people want to get up and move!

The Answer - This is the commercial Major key tune, very accessible
to the masses I think. It still hits you hard though, with the opening
main theme which also keeps recapitulating throughout the song. That
opening phrase will probably be in my head all day. It's one of those!
Nicely crafted.

Thanks for listening to my opinions. One of the many beauties of music
is how it seems to affect everybody uniquely and each of us may have
such differing but equally strong views. "One man's poison is another
man's protein." But I really liked it. Keep writing and good luck
with the release of your new album.

George Bellas


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