Queen Elizabeth II
"Tony's classical guitar skills are highly sophiticated"

Buddy Miles - Jimmi Hendrix,Carlos Santana - www.buddymiles.com
" Tony Smotherman is the most exciting and innovative guitarist I've played with in many years.
He is very Professional and a Pure Joy to work with. Watch Out --In my opinion, this young man is destined to be a Star.! "
Buddy Miles

Marty Friedman-(Megadeth,Cacophony) www.martyfriedman.com
"Great playing on your cd,best of luck!!!"

George Bellas- www.georgebellas.com
"Tony Smotherman is one of the most energetic guys out there, just listen to this guy! "!!!!

FretNet Radio PBS FM 106.7 Melbourne,Australia - - www.fretnet.com
Tony Smotherman is a player who can certainly hold his own with the shredders, but plays with great finesse and feel.

Scott Stine - www.ScottStine.com
"Thats some scary legato"!!!!

Terry Syrek - www.TerrySyrek.com
"Tony is a rippin player with diversity and musicality to his playing as well as hit yer mom over the head chops o' doom. Love the CD; great tunes, great playin, great vibe. Love the old school Indian instruments, too."

Rusty Cooley - Lion Music Recording Artist - www.RustyCooley.com
"Tony's got it all, great chops and tunes, and knows when to lay back and bend a few notes"

Francesco Fareri - Independent Artist - www.FrancescoFareri.com
"Incredible playing, incredible feeling, incredible phrasing, incredible technique! A really complete musician!"

Ron Thal-
"Tony is not a very good player, but he dresses well. I specifically like his shoes."Tony Rules! - Bumblefoot (aka Ron Thal)

Edward Sackett-Senior Music Editor of the The College 500
"There's a world full of good players, but this guy is great player material and he's deadly accurate too -- that's rare."

Michael Smith- Editor of Gritz Magazine www.gritz.net
"Tony is the GREATEST undiscovered guitar hero on Earth....

Greg Howe- Shrapnel Recording Artist www.greghowe.com
"Great Chops and All Around Playing"

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