Tony Smotherman

Tony is quickly becoming one of the most popular Guitarists on the scene... His eclectic mix of influences sets him apart from all of his peers with his own distinct sound. Innovating new techniques and combining a huge array of different styles, Tony has created a diverse musical world. Tony has opened for and played with a vast array of national and international touring acts. Although rooted in Rock. Tony intertwines all the musical worlds he explores with his own distinct fingerprint.

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Revolt Tony Smotherman Tube Overdrive Signature Pedal

I'm honored to announce that through extensive tone testing and painstaking commitment Revolt Amplifiers and I have teamed up to create a mind blowing tube driven overdrive pedal that's sure to rival any overdrive pedal ever produced. It all began with an idea from Revolt Amplifier Owner and President Anthony's dream of creating the ultimate overdrive pedal and and his search for an artist who had a vision to help shape it. After months of trial and error. I'm pleased to to say, we got it right! The 12AX7 tube adds so much warmth to the vintage channel, and the modern channel just Screams!!! Totally shape-able and unbelievably versatile, the TS OD pedal by Revolt is something I'm proud to put my name on! Order yours now!


Tony Smotherman Tube Overdrive Pedal



Check out Tony's new instructional video from True Fire

This New Instructional features Tony's cherry-picked collection of 50 pentatonic gems. First, they'll expand your vocabulary with 50 head-turning licks that alone will spark up some excitement in your solos and improvisations. But Tony also teaches you how to apply these techniques and approaches to craft your own lines from scratch. You'll learn how to apply tapping, legato, open-string lines, pedal points, odd and unconventional bends, barring, phrasing, sweeps, 3-note-per-string patterns, octaves and more in your pentatonic work all over the fretboard.


Like to take your playing to the next level?

If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area and would like to take private guitar lessons with Tony send him an email to inquire.

If your not in the north Florida area and would still like to take private lessons, Tony is available for Skype lessons. All you need is your computer, a webcam, and a PayPal account. Email here to inquire...

New Album Released!

Tony Smotherman Universal Melody

Universal Melody

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1. Chaotic Endeavor
2. Dublin Jig
3. Gravity
4. Diary of a Gypsy
5. Valley of Dreams
6. Synthesis
7. A Hand to Hold
8. Trans Universum

The New Solo Album "Universal Melody" from Guitarist Tony Smotherman weaves in and out of many different genres, and shows a fascination for many varied and different musical styles. Special Guests:
Derek Sherinian-Keys
Vitalij Kuprij-Keys
Philip Pan-Electric and Acoustic Violin
Jon Reshard- Bass
John Lumpkin-Drums
Jarvis Brown-Keys

Album mixed and Mastered by Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

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